Baking and Basil

It is time to harvest your basil.

I have an easy way to dry it after I bake something.

As my oven is baking, I go cut some basil.

I wash it, pat it dry, remove stems and put the leaves in pans on parchment paper.

AFTER the oven is off, I put the pans of basil in it to dry.

I leave them until the oven cools. (sometimes longer)

I place the labeled herb bottle on the stove top to remind me the basil is in there.

The leaves should get brittle and crumbly.

I pulverize these with mortar and pestle.

Pour them back onto parchment to funnel into the labeled bottle.

If I had to set up my dryer, this would never get done. I do some every time I bake in the fall.

Charlotte, the rabbit gets the stems and veggie scraps.


FLOW in Fall

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