Rest or Wrest

I was weary. I had been trying to move mountains and build bridges.

There was rage just under my skin.

I was a snake coiled and ready to strike with a smile on my face.

I went to hide in my garden.

I was hardened and hollow.

I wrote out the rage.  Angst and anger bled out in ink.

I was resting. I was hiding. I was healing.

But the mountains did not get moved. The bridges did not get built.

The Earth quaked, fires raged, smoke rose and blocked the sun.

Nature is angry.  Her balance has been disrupted.

How can I rest while I watch this?  I cannot.

My sword is my pen. I will battle smarter not harder this time.

I am sending messages to other warriors. I suggest you do likewise.

It’s time to wrest in writing.

I am not just a mother of children, I am a mother of nature.





Appreciating the Amaryllis

Everyone needs a flower in their future.

I try two new varieties of Amaryllis/Hippeastrum every winter.

These bulbs get put in the garden every spring to produce many more blooms for years to come.

But for now, I need a flower when it’s cold and my garden in brown.

‘Pink Surprise’ Amaryllis

I need a flower when the gray skies make me blue.

I need a flower in January.

No other bloom will do.

I appreciate the giant, gorgeous blooms of the Amaryllis.

Glowing in the window like my own little sun.

Reminding me that winter will end and spring will come.


My 20/20 Vision

There has been some clarification and recalibration this year.

I intend on making some changes.

I have spent time studying science, religion and civics.

I have written more and read more.

There have been omissions that must be attended to. I am too fat and too sassy!

I have kept moving forward, but I have wasted time and energy.

I will be more intentional in 2020.

I will be tracking my progress in relation to my goals.

I will also allow myself to follow my curiosity. That is my joy.

Our culture has too many distractions.

I must use my time wisely.

I will be quieter and more thoughtful. (two eyes, two ears and one mouth)

I still have a lot to learn.

I need to see clearly and focus on what is important to me.

I need 20/20 vision going forward.


Cheers for 2020!


I will be sharing my struggles in a series. Just because my garden is dormant, doesn’t mean I am.

Get ready for posts such as “Wrest or Rest” and ” A Part or Apart”

as I figure out who I really want to be at age 58.

Get ready for some serious FLOW.