Saving Mona

Just as I am basking in the Schlumbergeras’ glory,

Gold Schlumbergera, with pink tint due to cooler temperatures.

something starts snacking on my Mona Lavendar.

At first I thought Mona was just losing leaves,

but where did they go?

Then I saw the tell tale (and tail) signs. (Pun intended.)


Poop from a caterpillar!

Here I am thinking everything is blooming and growing,

while Mona is being devoured right under my nose.


A gardener must never rest.

Even in winter, at night time, inside.

Stay vigilant folks.

While you are waiting for Santa, you may be visited by a Grinch-green, eating machine.



Saved by Schlumbergeras

Just as the days get too short and the nights too long

and my garden outside dies from the cold,

my Schlumbergeras come into their glory

and bloom with explosive profusion

to show me that a FLOWER

can survive and thrive

inside in winter

and so shall I.