I Need Less

I have been blessed with many things, but I need less.

I have too many books and plants and clothes.

No. I am not rich, but this stuff is in my way.

Like anchors crowding the deck of my ship.

I decided all this while I was sick.

That’s when the visions come.

I am trying to get somewhere, but must carry everything,

or pile it up in a wheelbarrow that keeps falling over because it is full.

As I lay in my bed, I thought of all those nice empty Amazon boxes,

perfect for hauling away too much past and too many presents.

Do not give me anything for Christmas….PLEASE.

What I really need is less.

These belongings are burdens.


9 thoughts on “I Need Less

  1. I totally agree. As a family we have largely stopped giving “stuff” and instead gift each other shared experiences (my printer does overtime service making vouchers for all sorts of things). Often these don’t involve any real cost, and we can donate the money we would have spent to the Mission and other charities, which struggle particularly at this time of year.
    On a side note. I hope you are feeling better.

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    1. Filling the wagon wore me out, but it was therapeutic. I am tired of rearranging and dusting things that are not necessities.
      Other people may enjoy or need these things that are burdensome to me.
      I need a fresh start with less baggage.
      I do feel better. I do a lot of thinking when I am stuck in my bed.
      Mixed blessing.

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