My Lizard Kingdom

On any warm day, I can sneak to certain spots and spy  lizards taking a sunbath.


Some of them notice me and roll their eyes my way.


The Skinks are skittish and run into the nearest crack, their faces blushed with embarrassment.


The Bluetails turn and flash their blue tails as they retreat.


I have seen them leave this squiggling blue appendage behind when caught.

The big Fence bubbas do push ups at me to show how strong they are.


This baby is still peeling.  He has a piece of skin blowing up and down on his head.


Mr. Fence is true to his name here.  Notice those blue scales on the chest.


I love my tiny lizard kingdom.


Follow the Reptiles.



6 thoughts on “My Lizard Kingdom

    1. When we first moved here we had none. We suspect they came with the pine needles over the years. I know where to look for each one. We used to have one who lived in a folded lawn chair on our deck. We accidentally took him to a parade. We had to cart him back home in our cooler.


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