Our Hallelujah Holiday

My family has spent our holiday in the hospital.

Before you sigh and try to start a pity party, you better sit down to read this.

They found some cancer in my daddy’s eighty-eight-year-old colon last week.

It tried to kill him, but my daddy has too much to do yet.

So a surgeon removed it on Christmas Eve.

Then there were many complications. We were afraid.

I spent Christmas night in ICU watching lights and hearing bells.

It was rough, but the nurses and doctors pulled him through.

Do not feel sorry for my family. God came to us.

Even to me; an undeserving, stubborn, sinner.

So Santa was a surgeon and the elves wore name tags.

We all got exactly what we wanted.

All wrapped in shiny foil.


I am headed south to serve holiday ice from a fine styrofoam cup.

There is no where I would rather be.

If you did not get the present you wanted this Christmas, we will share ours.

Happy Holidays


Thanks to Dr. Dobson, Dr. Patel, Ashlee, Laura, CJ, Jay and dozens of other wonderful healthcare professionals who spent the holidays with my family. 



The Whispers

I notice everything.  It’s my way.

There is a lot of loudness in our culture.

There is too much flash, shine and bang.

Everything is competing for your attention.

The television, your computer, your phone.

There is too much noise and sparkle to process.

So I choose where my focus is.

I choose the whispers.

The truth does not need to scream.

Reality is real without the shriek and shimmer .

If you feel blasted by life.



Listen to the whispers.

That’s your soul talking.


Love Flow

White Blushing

I just brought this up from my unheated workshop.


I love how it has blushed pink. It reminded me of one of the fairy’s dresses.


The blush can be seen moving down the buds.


When the blooms finally open, only the tips are white.


I think this is gorgeous coloration.

I do love the whites, but their blushing is pleasing.



An Easy Wreath

I purchased a new type of wreath frame this year.

It has greenery covered wires attached to the rings. This will make it easier to attach and remove fresh greenery.

I collected snips of greenery from my Christmas tree and holly and ferns around our property.

I used the little green wire arms to secure these pieces to the frame.

There were two tiers of arms to give the wreath depth. They were long enough to wrap several times around the stems.

Now we shall see how well this new ‘Work Wreath’ holds up in the elements.

Happy Holidays


Schlumbergera Sampler

My Schlumbergera collection is blooming a little late this season.

I have various colors.  I will always love the red for Christmas time.

My three favorites are white, gold and salmon.

Both the gold and white blushed pink this year.

I went out of town for Thanksgiving, so I think the temperature dropped in my home.

I have read that getting cooler than 57 degrees Fahrenheit causes an increase in pink and red pigments.

I may experiment with a gold and a white next year to see if this is true.

Many more buds are forming in my workshop. I should have blooms through the New Year.

I so appreciate flowers this time of year.  It’s another dreary, rainy day here.  Bright flowers help my mood.

Hooray Schlumbergera truncata!



Bunnies Back Inside

Well that didn’t last long,  twenty-four hours tops.

When we arrived home yesterday evening, Barley and Charlotte were at the French doors looking in.

I cracked open the door and Barley wedged his fat little fur-ball self through.

Why such weak resolve Flower you ask?

I would rather WORK than WORRY.

I was awake several times during the night wondering how much the temperature had dropped.

Then I heard noises outside and wondered if it was some predator breaking into the pen.

About dawn,  when I was awakened by Mr. Bluebird pecking at the window,

He’s BACK : ‘To Kill a Bluebird’ may be a future post title

I had the thought that if Barley’s bottom was all ready wet he would get chilled and then $ickne$$ would follow…

So they are inside where it is warm and dry.

Anybody want to assist in a Bunny Brazilian over the holidays?

A FOOL and her bunnies are not parted.




When is a Leaf not a Leaf?

There really are many answers to this in the world of botany.

In this case I am referring to the puzzling plant, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

This leggy plant sprawls as it grows. It is in a heavy pot for balance not for root room.


Mine has not bloomed yet, but I am enjoying its peculiar habit of growth.

When is a leaf NOT a leaf?  When it’s a stem.


The orchid cactus has flattened stems that look like leaves with thick veins.

When new leaves pop out from the ends of these veins,


you realize that the leaf was a stem.

Epiphytes that live in trees have different rules than ground plants.

A stem has to serve as a leaf and a stem.

Another lesson in life from a plant.

Thanks nature.


The Rainbow Cloud

I watched with amazement as this rainbow cloud formed and evolved.IMG_0780

Rainbow clouds are formed when light passes through a new cloud which has tiny water droplets or ice crystals of approximately equal size.


This phenomenon is called cloud iridescence or irisation.


The light that passes through is spread out into the different wavelengths.


As this cloud spread out, the colors spread out.


It was an amazing thing to witness.