Bluebird Be Gone

I love my little friend Mr. Blue, but not before 6:00AM.

How can there even be a reflection at 6:00AM.?

That’s when he starts attacking his reflection in the library window.

There are irritating squeaking and tapping noises.

And pooping down the siding and on the deck posts.

I figured if he could be fooled by a reflection, he could also be fooled by a picture.



Flower and Owls


This is an Easter cactus, Rhipsalidopsis.


It is finally blooming mid-June.

Maybe we should call it an Eid cactus,

since it is neither Easter nor spring right now.


Its blooms are pointy and sweet.


A cactus by any other name…


Worth the Wait

I was given a piece of this Epiphyllum three years ago.

It was my first cactus orchid. I have been unsure of how to care for it.

It has grown well but never bloomed..

until today.


I hope I don’t have to wait three more years for another bloom,

but this lovely flower was worth the wait.


Daylily Update

The deer battle continues. I have pulled out all the stops.

We have fence. We have Deer Scram.


We have stakes. We have bird netting.


So far so good.

Here are a few survivors.

Whooperee daylily
Gentle Shepherd daylily
Mabel Nolan daylily
Strutter’s Ball daylily

I cannot let the deer learn to eat my flowers or they will stay in the area and only eat my juicy flowers.

I am being cruel to be kind.  I do not believe in interfering with nature.

I do not feed the birds(except hummingbirds) because they stay in one area

and the bird’s of prey learn to hunt there most of the time

and everybody gets lazy and crowded and spreads diseases…

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

FLOW in the KNOW



Froggy Nights

High volumes of frogs with high volume calls are taking the nights by storm.

This has been the froggiest summer yet.

There are frogs on the walls and

frogs in the walls.

Frogs on the windows.

Frogs on the doors.

Frogs on the gutters.

Frogs on the rocks.

Frogs right under our bedroom window. (Mercy!)

It is beginning to feel like an invasion here.

There are frogs everywhere and more on the way.

Somebody Save Me!

Frog Mama Flow

Ants, Beans and Scales

Must I do battle every single day here?

I paused to admire my new little green coffee beans on my coffee tree.

There seemed to be quite a bit of action around the beans.

Ants were busily running back and forth along the branches.

They were tending to their flock of scales. A nasty insect that sucks sap.

There was a busy little food chain with my beans at the bottom.

For the next hour, I sat in the rain with skewers and Q-tips.

Interfering with nature.  I killed hundreds of scales.  The ants skittered away.

The removal was followed by spritzes of warm Dawn water.

First my buds and now my beans!

My bunnies better not be next!

Oooh Wee Baby!

Warrior Flower

South Seas under Protection

I will put almost anything between the deer and my darling daylilies.

So my garden is beginning to resemble a junk yard.


This ‘South Seas’ bloomed amidst the mess.


I have a new method that has been working well and looks less messy.


I have been hanging a fence ring on a pole around the blooms.

It is high enough so the deer cannot stick their hungry heads down in it.

The grooves on the posts hold the rings in place so that they are not tossed out of the way by the bunch of munchers.

I found one ring thrown in the middle of my driveway by an overzealous eater!IMG_6381

I will be buying more posts today.

‘South Seas’ was worth all the trouble.


Don’t you agree?

Fighting Flower

Hot Chocolate Calla

This plant is an easy-pleaser.

It has thrived wherever I plant it.


I love the blooms and the foliage.


All it needs is enough water to stay vertical.


‘Hot Chocolate’ wins the prize for the best calla.