A Fire Bowl from the Farm

I was involved in a major production yesterday. Mr. Flower and I moved a giant iron cauldron from the farm to our fire pit area. It took a tractor with forks, a broom, a truck, a lawn mower, Crowbar, long iron bar, ropes and straps. I sent videos to both kids. They love this sort of entertainment provided by their father.

This cauldron is huge. A person could take a bath in it. I wanted to make it a fish pond, but I am pretty sure the fish would boil in the sun.

We are not sure why Papaw had this monster or if he ever used it. He did try to cook molasses once. He grew the cane himself. No one remembers much about that adventure except that Nana rode a lawn mower around in a circle to grind it since they did not have a mule.

The bowl was made by Stuart and Peterson Co. of Burlington, NJ.

There are no holes in it, but we will see what happens.

I plan on wearing a pointed hat for the occasion. Now that I have a cauldron, I might as well embrace my witchiness.


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6 thoughts on “A Fire Bowl from the Farm

  1. LOL…. Love this cauldron, It looks as if its been placed the centre of attention… And rightly so.. What a wonderful piece of ironwork…
    May not fish… But a water feature maybe, with water lilies in.. 🙂 ❤

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