Hold On and Face Forward

I will try to decorate my naked tree after I finish this post.

I have not wrapped any gifts. My family has done the shopping.

I have not written the usual cards or Holiday letter.

I do have last year’s Poinsettia in the foyer.

I did buy myself an Ferrari Amaryllis.

One year ago today, my family was knocked down by a huge wave.

The waves kept coming. We barely got up between them.

I have learned a lot during the sad journey. But I have lost a lot, too.

I had planned to re-trace the steps through the coming year

to figure out what all happened as we were being beat down and tossed around.

I have changed my mind about that.

I am not ready nor strong enough to revisit the tragedy and trauma.

There has been no memorial service. Daddy’s ashes are still on the piano.

(I had a nightmare about Daddy sleeping in the snow.)

He is loved and remembered fondly. We miss him desperately.

My wonderful Daddy in his favorite chair “Hong Kong. “

He was wonderful and full of fun and joy.

We take turns sitting in his chair, so it will not be empty. We put a bird feeder beside that window.

He loved birds. He said if there were jobs in heaven, he wanted to help the birds.

What kind of holiday message is this?

It is a REAL one. It is an appropriate one.

This is the most difficult time in the world’s living memory.

We are all sad, we are all being beat down. We are all scared.

Do not expect all our problems to disappear for holiday cheer.

So during this horrible holiday, my message is simple.


Keep your hope handy, give your love as gifts,

smile under your mask and sing into your mask.

Look to the future.

There will be babies (maybe twins) and puppies and bunnies and flowers and birds.



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