Amazing Zion

Our first stop in Utah was Zion National Park.

This area was originally named Makuntuweap (strait canyon) by the southern Paiute peoples.

The canyons here were formed by the Virgin River cutting into red and white sandstone for millions of years.

The canyon was cool as we strolled through, due to the shade from the tall walls and evaporation from the river.

There were even pockets of Maidenhair ferns around weeps in the walls in this desert oasis.

Photos will not do it justice.

My great thrill while there was seeing a rare California Condor in the wild.  It was nesting with one chick.

As a biologist, I never thought I would get to see one due to their low numbers.

Stay tuned. There is much more in store from Utah.




7 thoughts on “Amazing Zion

  1. Utah is a beautiful state – I have been all over that state. I recommend everyone visits Zion it is a wonderful and exciting place to see. I enjoyed your post and your photos.

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      1. How wonderful – I am so happy for you. Let me know when it is published so I can buy a copy to read. I know your book will help others.

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