Don’t Blink, it’s Spring

I was away for three days. I came home to a different garden.


The change is a tribute to the power of sunshine and rain.

The azaleas started blooming.


The Lily of the Valley is reaching up and budding.


The Solomon’s Seal is ringing its bells.


Ascot Rainbow Spurge lifted its blooms.


My ‘Expensive Stick’ turned into a tree.


The best surprise was the ‘Juddii ‘Viburnum blooms.


I wish I could share the scent of these lovely flowers.


My garden was busy while I was away.

Don’t blink or you will miss something.  It’s spring in the south.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Blink, it’s Spring

  1. Thanks. I dug a hole and set its pot in to see how it liked the spot. It must really like its new location. I am pleased to see it thriving. When are you heading north to see relatives?


  2. Hooray – Happy Spring! Judging from your Salomon’s Seals, you are a little ahead of us, but we’re not far behind. Or maybe mine is just in so much shade that they’re lagging. That’s very likely, actually. It’s on my list of things to accomplish – to release it from its dark prison…. That Viburnum is lovely – I almost CAN smell it!

  3. I always hate going away at this time of year, but often there is no choice. I hope that you won’t miss any more. A Viburnum, I don’t know, I have 3 in 2 varieties, the very best perfume in the garden, but the flowers last for only a little over a week so very easy to miss if you are away.

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