No Deer Here

Last week I enjoyed my annual stroll through the gardens

of my friends’ former daylily farm, Whippoorwill’s Call.

There are hundreds of hybrids of daylilies and obviously, no deer.

It is interesting to me how many forms a flower can take in one species of Hemereocallis

if you mix up its genes a bit.

Stargate Portal

Different ruffles and watermarks and tepal markings…

Admiral’s Braid

Here are some of my favorites.

New Journey

I will get the Rumples to check behind me about names.

Tuscawilla Tigress

Of course I was busy talking while photographing, so there are probably some mix-ups.

Always Tomorrow

Check back in a few days if an accurate hybrid name of one of these is important to you.

Jean Swann

If I ever quit talking,

Isle of Capri

I may be able to get something done correctly…but it won’t be as fun.

Druid’s Chant

Aren’t these uneaten flowers amazing?




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