Monday in Eleven Vases

My favorite thing about Mondays is the meme, Monday in a Vase,  at the blog Rambling in the Garden.

Every week gets started with vases of beautiful flowers from all over the globe.

I have only contributed to this blog meme once, with a tiny vase pin.

Yes, I am a post parasite.   Forgive me, Cathy.

To make up for it, I am sharing eleven vases of my flowers, done yesterday,

for my in-laws’  60th Anniversary celebration.

I never arrange flowers, so this was a stretch for me.

Most of the vintage vases were found at “treasure shops” in the area.

The vases sat on guest tables in clouds of pink or peach tulle.

My sister-in-law, Dana, made everything perfect.  If she goes pro, you better get on her waiting list.

Taco Supreme Iris, old type iris buds, yellow and red snapdragons. Baby’s breath not mine. Added because young Autumn ferns withered on the way to the church.
Krinkled White Peony, Chain fern, yellow rose buds

Foxglove, asparagus stalk, fairy lily, Persian Berry iris buds, Epimedium leaves and White Astilbe

Duchess de Nemours peony, Apricot drift roses, Coreopsis leaves, Variegated Solomon’s seal
Taco Supreme Iris, Krinkled White peony buds, Autumn fern frond, Coreopsis stems, yellow rose buds
White Astilbe and Apricot Drift roses
Foxglove, Persian Berry Iris and Montbretia leaves
Pure Vanilla Iris, Duchess de Nemours peony, Holly fern fronds
May Breeze white phlox, polka dot plant, Nora Barlow Columbine, Jewels of Opar
Banana Frappe’ Iris, Gabraltar azalea, Montbretia leaves, White Astilbe


Karl Rosenfield Peony, white and pink snapdragons, Variegated Boxleaf euonymus, Jewels of Opar


14 thoughts on “Monday in Eleven Vases

  1. Thes are Beautifu!! I arrange flowers all the time! I love giving flowers in pretty vases to all my friends and family – they probably have an overflowing vase collection because of me 😀.

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  2. Beautiful party all around. The flowers made it so lovely! I’m glad you got photos of each special arrangement to save long after the flowers have faded.

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  3. Oh! Quelle magnifique réussite. J’aime beaucoup tous ces vases différents et les arrangements floraux sont superbes. Ce fut un bel anniversaire 🙂
    Mes amitiés

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  4. The foxglove is my absolute favorite here! I’ve got them growing in my garden. Not right now, of course. The first buds will open a little before midsummer and they continue blooming all July. They also grow wild in many places. There’s a beautiful hill by a small lake not so far from here where they grow abundantly. They’re particularly beautiful, I think, in the twilight of dusk and dawn.

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