Two Tiny Treasures

I love tiny plants.  They are perfect for planting in troughs and my fairy garden.

Here are two of my favorites.

Ledebouria cooperi  ‘Jessop’ has tiny bulbs.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’

The leaves have copper stripes.  Its blooms are a lovely lavender. Its buds look like grape clusters.


The other little lovely is a Delosperma/Ice Plant named ‘Fire Spinner.’

Delosperma/Ice plant ‘Fire Spinner’

It is just starting to bloom. Soon this patch will be glowing in the sun.

It really does look like it is on fire.


Both of these plants are easy to grow.  I have planted them in numerous places in my gardens. They like sun and well-drained soil.   All are growing happily.



13 thoughts on “Two Tiny Treasures

      1. The Bromeliads are amazing – I am going to do a foliage post soon. There are 200,000 varieties and for the most part nobody knows what kind they are. We have a wedding in May – so I will be frying here in August. Planted the gorgeous Eucomis in part shade and deep with some topsoil. Can’t wait to see them.

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  1. Good Morning ~ Hi! I think we met a couple of summers ago at Madge’s house for a wonderful Summer Soltice dinner…we were the “strangers”! I have recently been following your blog and simply love it! The photos and commentaries are delightful and refreshing…thoroughly enjoy each and every one! 🙂

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      1. We moved here permanently as of October…still pinching ourselves to make sure it is real! We love it here! We also frequent Belmont & Davidson as we like little villages, too! Hope to connect with you again at some future point. Do you do garden tours? I find your flower and gardening blogs to be so inviting…the next best thing would be to view it all in person! 😉


      2. I heard the dreadful news about Madge’s chickens…what a shock it must have been to know they were all killed at once! We have been considering chickens and wondering how to protect them…probably won’t become a reality until next spring. Also heard Madge has some new baby chicks to cuddle and coo over! ♥ Hope you physical therapy is going well on our knee!

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