Gifts from my Lumberjack

Halloween is quickly approaching,

so it is fitting the Mr. Flower brought home a witch’s broom.

That is a nickname for a clump of mistletoe, a semi-parasitic plant that grows on trees.


No, not a sprig folks. He brought me the whole clump still attached to the branch,

He had been cutting firewood. The tree just happened to have some mistletoe on it.


There were two rather large stow-aways in part of the trunk.

Giant beetle larvae/grubworms.


These are the gifts my man brings home.

No fighting ladies. He’s ALL mine.




5 thoughts on “Gifts from my Lumberjack

  1. En effet, c’est un beau cadeau et il sera à l’honneur pour les fêtes de fin d’année 🙂
    Chez nous, beaucoup d’arbres ont ces grosses boules dans les branches.
    Bon dimanche et mes amitiés.

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  2. Such luck to find that mistletoe!! The grub…no thank you!! When we lived in Canada it two years and constant monitoring afterwards to get our invested garden clean…not even grass wanted to grow anymore. But oh, that mistletoe, such a magical plant!!! Cheers form Ohio, Johanna


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