My Deer Delicatessen

I have opened a very popular eatery.

On Monday night the favorite was Hosta on the Hill.


The buffet line was totally cleaned out.


The Tuesday night special was Daylily Delight. Only one juicy Whooperee flower left.


Yesterday evening, I prepared for last night’s feasting


by adding some stinky Society Garlic as a side.


If you are expecting  jokes about getting a gun and making venison,

you will be disappointed.

You see I once was a bear,  pregnant with twins.

NO, I am not crazy.  I am a biologist.  I took PROJECT WILD training.

In one of the activities, we were assigned an animal role.

I was a bear pregnant with twins.  I had to capture at least three times more food cards than the others.

One total let me live, a higher total let one cub live and the highest total let all three of us survive.

At the end of the “game” I was exhausted and sweaty.   I did my best.   My totals weren’t high enough.


Let that that sink in.  Who got to survive you ask?   If you are a mother, you know it doesn’t matter.


One of the munching deer is pregnant,  that means at least one more “mouth” to feed…

And we have coyotes.


Mother Nature is my mother, too.


Flowers are Edible.  Bring it Mama!

8 thoughts on “My Deer Delicatessen

      1. It worked some of the time. Her husband was from New Jersey and didn’t take kindly to being asked to do that. Do you have any Juniper or Arborvitae, they don’t like those?


  1. I think your Project Wild experience is the source of your crazy survival dreams. And I think you should buy a big squeeze container of chopped garlic and squirt it around your special plants.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If the garlic deters slugs, mice and deer all my prayers will have been answered. I don’t mind sharing. But if they left just a few flowers, a bit of foliage and some veg for me too that would be nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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