Blame It On The Oaks

Danger has come to the bunny yard.

I blame it on the oaks.


They dropped too many acorns this year.   Millions of acorns.


The vermin feasted and propagated.   No foraging necessary.


Now,  there are too many little squirrels and baby chipmunks and mice.



The snakes come for lunch. The hawks come for dinner. The owls come for a midnight snatch.

Whoooo else came in the night?

Something big and strong.  Something that bends wire and tears fences from their posts.


I am mending my fences and locking my low windows.


Afraid of this danger that has smelled my bunnies’ scent and wants to join the feast.

I blame it on the oaks.


Follow the FLOWER to the root cause.

UPDATE: Tracks photo from inside the bunny yard today.




13 thoughts on “Blame It On The Oaks

  1. Go outside tonight and howl. They might howl back. We have done that before, sometimes it works. Worth a try to see if they are around. I’m not kidding!

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      1. My neighbor, the self described crazy cat lady, lost 7 out of 10 of her outside cats over the past couple of years so reinforcements are probably in order.


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