In Lieu of Flowers

Let the flowers come to the funeral.

We mourners need to see their up-turned, shining faces.

While our heads are bowed out of respect and sadness.

We need them to brighten this darkness.

We need their ribbons and tags.

So that we can read the names of the people moved by his passing.

We need roses and mums, lilies and glads

to add scent to the hushed air.

Let them line up at the altar and surround the tent.

In lieu of chicken and biscuits,

In lieu of casseroles and pound cakes,

In lieu of a check to the church,


To stand like sentries over the plot after the mourners leave,

Making the grave look like a garden.

Mark with refugee children.
Mark with refugee children.
He took them for dance lessons.
He took them for dance lessons.

In memory of my precious cousin Mark Bayzik, who died yesterday.

8 thoughts on “In Lieu of Flowers

      1. Hi Becca,

        I just got on this blog for the first time. It is beautiful. What a great tribute to your dad. I have to go visit this garden. Am I reading correctly that your cousin Mark has passed away? IF so, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.


  1. Thank you for this post, my dear sister. It captures so much so beautifully. Mark would love it and your whole blog!


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