Cardinals on Valentines

My sister and I have been purging papers from our parents’ home. We recycle as much as possible.

I saved all the Christmas cards with cardinals on them to make Valentine decorations for the folks at the facility.

I gathered Zots glue dots, glue sticks, craft scissors and ribbon.

I purchased a big pack of several sizes of cardboard glitter-covered red hearts.

I used my craft scissors to cut the Christmas card fronts into different sizes and shapes.

I used Zots and glue sticks to attach the cardinal pictures to the front of the hearts.

I will punch holes and add ribbon so the hearts can be easily hung from the doors of residents who want one.

Folklore associates cardinals with romance due to the birds being monogamous and both helping with rearing chicks.

Cardinals symbolize positivity amidst troubles.

They are also associated with visitations by departed loved ones.

Thus the saying, “When cardinals appear an angel is near.”

These folks cannot remember who visited them, but maybe seeing a cardinal on their door will bring some joy.


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