Sparkling Snowflakes

We all need more light in the winter.

Anything that sparkles catches my eye. I am like a crow.

I want to decorate mama’s door at the facility with something different every month.

(Nothing says forgotten like a Christmas wreath the end of January.)

I ordered giant silver snowflakes instead of white to contrast with the white doors and white blinds in the windows.

I wanted each one to be unique and have variations. This meant adding more glitter from my glitter collection.

I painted different sections of the flakes with Mod Podge glue.

Then I sprinkled different glitter on those sections. Keep the flake contained in a box for this step.

I like the ones with three types of glitter best. They reflect and refract light differently to make the flake more interesting.

I have augmented some as they dried with more glitter.

The left over glitter in the box was used on the last flake. I call it the ‘Everything Flake.’

This was a fun thing to do on a dreary cold day. I plan to share the extra flakes with those folks who still have a Christmas wreath on their door.


5 thoughts on “Sparkling Snowflakes

  1. Oh wow… So love your glitter unique snowflakes Flo, how beautiful they are…. And what a thoughtful lovely idea…. May Winter glisten with Love and Light and radiate the Love which you so showed by making them for your Mother.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I’m loving this Flaky Sparkly idea Flo! Yes, leave some for the doors with Christmas wreaths on them. I’m emphasizing the idea that “It’s good to do something nice for someone you don’t knew very well” when I’m with my Granddaughter. I’m going to share this post with her! And she’ll love trying the Sparkly Flakes too!

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