Helping Another Mother

One of my flying friends chose to build her nest in a precarious place.

I noticed the mud on the concrete first. Then little scraps of moss and grass.

I wanted to tell her this was not a great place, but she was very determined.

I placed a metal plate on the deck above her nest, so we would avoid that spot when we blew off the leaves and pollen.


I also knew that the beam her nest is on is in line with drips from the roof. That is where I set out my houseplants when it rains. I guess a bucket will go there now. Can’t let our nest of mud get wet!

Yesterday, I climbed a ladder while the parents were absent.


I held my camera over my head hoping to photograph eggs. Then I saw something tiny move.


Yes folks, I am a grandma again.


So I spent my Earth Day doing what we all should be doing, helping Mother Nature.



Grandma Flow


6 thoughts on “Helping Another Mother

  1. So sweet. Birds really like to build under decks. I like to joke that we had a cat that helped hatch eggs. She would spend hours peering through the deck cracks at the nest. The bird did not leave and the babies hatched.

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  2. That’s so cool! Some years ago a pair of Bewick’s wrens nested in our back porch, despite the two of us coming and going, as well as the dog and cat. They successfully hatched at least 2 chicks, and the whole family left the nest in July. Now when I hear Bewick’s wrens singing around the neighbourhood, I wonder if they’re descendants of that pair.

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